Southeast Europe


Slovenia, green, active and healthy country

Green beauty in the heart of Europe. The capital city of Ljubljana with Plecnik’s unique architecture is at the intersection of routes. From Ljubljana to the Adriatic Sea or the Alpine mountain range is only about an hour drive. In recent times, Slovenia became increasingly popular tourist destination because it offers adrenaline experiences, swimming in […]


Kosovo, the youngest European country

Kosovo is multicultural country in which  cultures, especially Ottoman and Christianity have contributed to today’s varied and rich cultural and natural treasures. Country has five tourist regions: Prokletije, Shar Planina, Pomoravlje, Mitrovica and Bajgorška Šalja. The hospitality and pleasant people are added value when visiting the youngest European state in the heart of the Balkan […]


Montenegro, land of wild beauty

Pearl of the Mediterranean, which offers in a small space a unique natural combination of sea, lakes, mountains and rivers. Pure unspoiled nature, cultural and historical traces, gastronomy and hospitality of the people gives a true paradise for visitors. Montenegro offers both. An active holiday as well as a holiday designed for relaxation and luxury […]


Albania, land of eagles

“Land of eagles” has survived a rich history, which has left a variety of valuable leads. From the period of polytheists, christianity, ottoman culture all the way to the Communist isolation under the leadership of Enver Hoxha. Country has become one of the most undiscovered tourist destinations in Europe. Famous tourist magazines are ranking regularly […]


Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was

The leading tourist destination in South East Europe, which is annually visited by over 15 million tourists. Tourism is the main economic activity in the country. Croatia offers a unique combination of stunning natural beauty, beautiful beaches with plenty of sun, a rich history, interesting architecture, nautical adventures, fantastic wine and delicious seafood. Land of […]


Serbia, the land of entertainment, cuisine and hospitality

Serbia is a landlocked country in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, the Danube River connects it with the world’s seas. It lies at the crossroads of routes and important link between Western Europe and the Middle East. In the Carpathian Basin in the north of the country is dotted with fields, and on the […]


Bosnia and Herzegovina, the heart-shaped land

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the last undiscovered areas of the Southern Alps. It is an ideal destination for vacation for nature lovers and adventurers due to the wide expanses of wilderness and untouched nature. Diverse landscape will leave you speechless and amazed by its beauty. 10 interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. […]