About us

The dragon (ZMAJ) represents one of the most popular and oldest symbols, it is also found practically on all continents and in the legends of the oldest civilizations. Dragon also acts as a protector and symbol of the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It is perceived as a benevolent creature in China, symbolizing success, fortune and power. In the past emperors used the symbol of the dragon in the hope that it will bring them good luck in their territory. Although it is able to raise the wind and create rain, fly across the sky and then sink to the bottom of the sea, it gives the gifts to all beings on the earth. It has an excellent view of the horizon with his flying. It is certainly the most powerful symbol of good luck on the list of Chinese symbols.

We are combining the values and virtues of Ljubljana dragon and Chinese dragon in the Zmaj Travel Agency. Offering unique tourism experiences, based on quality and active spending of leisure time. We will take care that every moment of your journey is full of joy and happiness – in contact with the local environment. We specialized in child, youth and family programs and travel based on many years of experience in working with children, young people and parents. We also offer unique programs in South-Eastern Europe, mainly to Montenegro and Albania. In the end, specialize for Chinese tourists and China; connecting tourism products and flows between China and South-East Europe.

We strive to be your companion and protector during your trip, and at the same time we are giving you a wealth of creativity, education and new experiences. Travel with Dragon and expand your horizons.

Our mission: To create and provide quality and active tourism products based on sustainable and responsible tourism.