Slovenia, green, active and healthy country

Green beauty in the heart of Europe. The capital city of Ljubljana with Plecnik’s unique architecture is at the intersection of routes. From Ljubljana to the Adriatic Sea or the Alpine mountain range is only about an hour drive. In recent times, Slovenia became increasingly popular tourist destination because it offers adrenaline experiences, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, relax in the many natural spas, hiking, skiing, wine tours, natural and cultural sightseeing, interesting architecture, visiting world’s famous caves and tasting many gourmet delights with local specialties.

10 interesting facts about Slovenia

  1. Slovenia has over 10,000 underground caves. The most famous is Postojnska cave, which is a length of more than 20 km and is the most visited cave in Europe. Vilenica cave is the oldest tourist cave in Europe. The first tourists have already visited it in the year 1633.
  2. Slovenia is a wine country. On every 70 inhabitants in Slovenia is one vineyard. Slovenia is covered with 216 square kilometers of vineyards.
  3. Slovenia is a “green” country with unspoiled nature. It has about 7,000 mountain hiking trails, 27,000 watercourses and 14 natural spas. In Slovenia live over 500 brown bears, which represent the largest population of this species in Europe.
  4. 60% of Slovenia is covered with forest. In Europe, Slovenia is the third most forested country.
  5. In the city of Maribor grows the oldest vine in the world, which is over 400 years old.
  6. Around the country is over 3,000 churches and chapels, which places it at the very top in Europe.
  7. The highest cliff on the Adriatic coast is placed in Strunjan. It’s height is 80m.
  8. The most famous dessert in Slovenia is “Potica”. Bled is known for it’s cream cakes.
  9. Triglav National Park is one of the oldest in Europe.
  10. Slovenia has two cultural and one natural UNESCO World Heritages.