Montenegro, land of wild beauty

Pearl of the Mediterranean, which offers in a small space a unique natural combination of sea, lakes, mountains and rivers. Pure unspoiled nature, cultural and historical traces, gastronomy and hospitality of the people gives a true paradise for visitors. Montenegro offers both. An active holiday as well as a holiday designed for relaxation and luxury around on the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

10 interesting facts about Montenegro

  1. Montenegro proclaimed in 1992 as the first ecological state in the world.
  2. It was the first world country with its national print shop. In 1493 the first book printed in Cyrillic.
  3. Tara River Canyon, in addition to the purity is also characterized by extraordinary depth, measuring around 1,300 meters. It is the deepest canyon in Europe and second largest in the world after Colorado Canyon in the United States.
  4. The river Bojana from Skadar Lake flows into the sea and is the only river in the world, due to the configuration of the terrain flowing downstream and upstream.
  5. Big beach in Ulcinj (12.5 km long) is one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe. The beach is not suitable only for swimming but also for a variety of sporting activities (horseback riding, kite surfing, beach volleyball and the like).
  6. Skadar lake is know like the biggest increases crypto depression in the Balkan area and has about 40 islands with around 20 Orthodox monasteries.
  7. The Montenegrin coast is 300 km long, has about 30 permanent mountain lakes, 8 canyons and 5 national parks. Around 60% of its area is over 1,000 meters above sea level.
  8. Montenegro has two sites which are under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage: the natural, cultural and historical region of Kotor and the Durmitor National Park.
  9. Country is a leader in the term of used number of mobile phones per capita. They are more than a million mobile active mobile numbers. Around 1.6 mobile phone per every inhabitant.
  10. Unwritten rule in Montenegro is when you visit the host bring bottle of wine or brandy and a bag of coffee.