People’s Republic of China – Like never before

A country with 5,000 years of history, the oldest and most unified civilization in the world, 2,000 years of imperialism, as well as 17 different dynasties, until the 19th century the largest and strongest economy in the world. The land where everything is measured in surplus. Tourism industry has been strictly controlled and prohibited until 1970, but today China is world attraction.

Visit the quiet mountain lakes of Tibet, indifferent desert of Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong Island, rice terraces in the south, dignified Buddhist temples in caves, mountains surrounded by fog with temples on the top, antique villages and water towns, ride a bike between fairytale karst towers around Yangshuo, lose yourself in the bamboo forest, follow the Chinese wall which winds its way between mountain peaks, cruise the river gorges, swim in the sea on Hainan island and experience the beautiful Chinese scenery.

10 interesting facts about China

1. China is the most populated country in the world with 1.8 billion people and the third largest country by its area.

2. The country is divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions (Hong Kong and Macau). It borders with 14 countries, which ranks China among the most bordered countries in the world.

3. The Chinese flag was first used in 1949 by the troops at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The red color symbolizes the revolution, while the big star represents communism and the little stars represent Chinese people. The position of the stars represents the unity of the nation under the leadership of the Communist Party.

4. China is the fastest growing and second economy in the world. It also occupies first place as the largest exporter of goods and foreign direct investment.

5. It is also leading and fastest growing tourist destination worldwide. It occupies third place in inbound tourism (foreign people travelling to China) and first place in outbound tourism (Chinese tourists travelling abroad).

6. It has 35 cultural, 10 natural and 4 that are both cultural and natural world heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

7. Chinese invented the following things: money, paper, compass, ice cream, tea, silk, ketchup, toilet paper, etc.

8. The population consumes about 45 billion sticks per year.

9. The official language is Mandarin (Putonghua), which is spoken by 91% of the population. In China, because 54 official recognized minorities and about 100 million people use its autonomous language as the basic visual communication. China has 54 officially recognized minorities and about 100 million people is using their autonomous language for every day communication.

10. Unlike the West, the Chinese do not attach great importance to traditional religion. The society has been under the influence of the three philosophies of life throughout the history: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism.