Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was

The leading tourist destination in South East Europe, which is annually visited by over 15 million tourists. Tourism is the main economic activity in the country. Croatia offers a unique combination of stunning natural beauty, beautiful beaches with plenty of sun, a rich history, interesting architecture, nautical adventures, fantastic wine and delicious seafood. Land of colors and the sun – a land full of life!

10 interesting facts about Croatia

  1. Croatia’s coastline is about 1,777 km long, if we add to this the coast of all the islands the country has a total of 5,800 km of coastline. It has 1,246 islands, only 50 are permanently populated and represents a paradise for nautical tourism.
  2. Dalmatian dog breed originated from Croatia.
  3. The necktie was invented in Croatia.
  4. Almost 10% of Croatia consists of 11 natural parks, 8 national parks and two nature reserves.
  5. Croatia boasts with 2,715 hours of sunshine per year, which is higher than the Australian Sidney.
  6. Roman amphitheater in Pula is only one of the three still preserved in the world.
  7. Dubrovnik is a popular destination for filming different movies and series known worldwide, such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars-a, etc.
  8. Country is known for it’s cuisine, delicious food and tasty wine. It has very rich Mediterranean cuisine. In Istria is a well-known use of truffles in the local specialties.
  9. One of the most tourist countries in Europe with many attractions protected under UNESCO. It has 7 cultural and 1 natural heritage on the World Heritage List.
  10. The most famous personalities born in Croatia: Nikola Tesla and Josip Broz Tito