Bosnia and Herzegovina, the heart-shaped land

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the last undiscovered areas of the Southern Alps. It is an ideal destination for vacation for nature lovers and adventurers due to the wide expanses of wilderness and untouched nature. Diverse landscape will leave you speechless and amazed by its beauty.

10 interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the shape of a heart and is located in the southeast of Europe, in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. In the north, west and southwest it borders with Croatia, in the east it borders with Serbia and in the south it borders with Montenegro. A topographic image of a country is largely formed by Dinaric mountains with the highest peak in the country, Maglić (2387 m).

2. People have inhabited present territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina 10,000 years ago starting with the Illyrian and Thracian tribes, through the Romans, Byzantines, Slavs until the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian conquerors. All these cultures have left a trace in forming one of the most diverse countries in Europe where East and West meet.

3. Northern and central part of the country is called Bosnia, the name is probably derived from an old Indo-European word “Bosana”, which means water.

4. The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two climatic regions, north and south, which are separated by the line Bihać-Sarajevo-Foča. Northern region has continental climate with cold winters and hot summers and the southern region has Mediterranean climate with wet winters and warm summers.

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina has the following national and natural parks: Natural Park Hutovo blato, National Park Sutjeska, Kozara National Park, National Park Una and Natural Park Blidinje.

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina has the following fortresses: fortress Vranduk-Zenica, fortress Stari grad-Travnik, fortress Počitelj, fortress-Kastel Banja Luka, Maglajska fortress and Tešanjska fortress.

7.) Monumental inscription in Tasovčići is the oldest epigraphic Latin inscription that recalls one of the Roman emperor and is dated in the year 36 BC. The monument was erected in honor of Octavian’s conquest of Sicily.

8. Traditional hospitality is one of the most recognizable symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You should offer a cigarette to the people around you before you light it according to unwritten rule.

9. Sarajevo organized Winter Olympic Games in the year 1984. At these Olympics Jure Franko won the silver medal in the giant slalom at these Olympics, this was the first olympic medal for Slovenes and Yugoslavia. The mascot of the Olympic Games was wolf Vučko.

10. The most famous Bosnia and Herzegovina writer Ivo Andrić (1892-1975) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961.